Saturday, February 11, 2012

What corral am I in?

Hello Ladies!  Do you believe it?  Two weeks!  I have been training for over a year now and it felt like it would never come.  Now at two weeks away, it feels like it is coming to fast.  I still don’t have my costume together yet.  I have lots of great ideas, but nothing together yet.  I better start making some decisions-now!  

Since bib numbers came out last week, many of us (me included) have e-mailed runDisney to get our corral starting letters.  I am pleased to report, I will start in corral C.  I found this floating around the internet and I wanted to share it with you.  It is a chart of bib numbers with corresponding starting corral letters. 

Disney Princess Half Marathon Corral Placement 2012
 Corral: Individuals Bib *** Team Bib Range
 Corral A 31-2250 *** 20001-20313
 Corral B 2251-4500 *** 20314-20634
 Corral C 4501-6750 *** 20635-21017
 Corral D 6751-9000 *** 21018-21373
 Corral E 9001-11250 *** 21374-21777
 Corral F 11251-13500 *** 21778-22159
 Corral G 13501-15750 *** 22160-22617
 Corral H 15751-18000 *** 22618-23000

So, Now that we all know what corral we will start in, what time do you start running?  Here is the starting schedule.

‎Starting Times for the Disney Princess Half Marathon 2012
5:43 a.m. – Wheelchair Start
 5:45 a.m. – Corral A Start
 5:51 a.m. – Corral B Start
 5:57 a.m. – Corral C Start
 6:03 a.m. – Corral D Start
 6:09 a.m. – Corral E Start
 6:15 a.m. – Corral F Start
 6:21 a.m. – Corral G Start
 6:27 a.m. – Corral H Start

Girls, it’s coming fast!  Are you ready?  What is left on your Princess Half to do list? 

A dream is a wish…



  1. Thank you for all the info you've been posting. It was your blog where I first found the link to the bib numbers and now thanks to you I can confirm which corral I'm in without emailing runDisney!

    I'll be in Corral C as well with my partner (running this as a team)! Maybe I'll see you in there!

  2. Thanks for the info on the corral numbers. It looks like I will be in Corral G (13625). Do you know how in the world they determine the corrals? If it is by last name (R), I totally get it. Otherwise, I don't understand...

  3. Woohoo Amy! Your hard work will pay off (and already has, too) and you will be great!!

  4. So excited that is so close! Hope you are feeling good about your training and your plan! You still plan to run hard the first half and run/walk the last half? Hopefully our skirts for our costumes will get here soon!

  5. I am so glad you all have found the information I have posted to be useful. I am so excited to finally meet everyone in person. I feel like I know you already!