Sunday, February 19, 2012

All About the Tangled Royal Family 5k

Very late last night, I got an incrediable offer.  An offer that I did not have to even think about.  I said yes instantly.  Last night, a blog read and friend offered me a bib for the Tangled Royal Family 5k.  My husband and I have been discussing over the past few months about doing the 5k together, but he was never in to it, so I let it go and it sold out.  I was kind of bummed when it sold out, but I figured there is always next year.  I am so appreciative to my friend, you know who you are, for giving me this oppurtunity. 

Last night I did a crash course of learning about the Tangled Royal Family 5k.  I learned that I have to be at the Epcot parking lot by 6:15 am.  I put the word out to my Facebook friends and I found a ride from the Bay Lake Tower to the race.  The course starts in the Epcot Imagine parking lot.  We will run thought all the counties of Epcot’s World’s Showcase.  To finish out the race, we will run through Future World past Spaceship Earth and back into the Imagine parking lot thought the finish line.  Each finish will earn a finisher mediallion. 

My only delemma is what to wear.  I know I was asking you all yesterday your opinion about what to wear to the race.  Know that I am doing the 5k too actually makes this an easier decision.  As of right now, my plan is to wear my pink SparkleSkirt! to the half and my Rapunzel purple outfit to the Tangled Royal Family 5k.
I plan to use the Tangled Royal Family 5k as a warm up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon on Sunday.  This will not be a PR race for me.  I am going to take it easy, have fun on the course, hopefully get some great pictures and get a fell for how a runDisney race works. 

On a very sad note, registration for the Disneyland Half Marathon is closed.  It filled up before I could register.  I looked just this morning at it and it was 93% full.  I figured I still had a few days before registration closed.  Boy was I wrong!  Sadly, I will not be doing the Disneyland Half in 2012 and will not be a Coast to Coast runner this year. 

Are you doing the Tangled Royal Family 5k?  Are you dressing up?  Have you ever done a 5k the day before a Half Marathon?

A dream is a wish…



  1. I won't be a Coast to Coast finisher this year either. But next year!

  2. I'm thinking of running the Iron Girl Half in Columbia, MD in April. Interested? Or would you like to do it as a relay?

  3. That sounds like a fun 5K! Sorry you won't get to do the Disneyland Half this year.

  4. Amy if you really want to run in this year's Disneyland half there are other options, such as running with a group like TNT or Team Challenge, it’s a lot of money to raise, but they are both great causes! I can't believe how quickly Disneyland sold out. Have fun at the Princess Race!!

  5. Thank you all for the encouragement. As the time gets closer, I am so ready for this! I know you all are too!

    Kim--what is the Iron Girl?