Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Amish Paradise

Here is an article from last month’s Runner’s World magazine I wanted to share with you.  The article is about Amish runners.  Since I live in South Central Pennsylvania, just outside of Amish country, I found this article particularly interesting.   

Before I read this article, I had no idea there was such thing as Amish runners.  I used to see Amish every day, even riding the school bus with them for a time.  The Amish, as part of their religion, shun modern conveniences.  They do not have electricity in their homes.  They do not own cars or tractors.  They work their fields by hand and ride in horse drawn carriages.    The idea of them being great runners makes total sense to me.  Running requires lots of hard work and dedication.  Those are traits most Amish people have.

What did you think of the article? 

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  1. I too read this article in Runners World...love that magazine and have it on my Kindle Fire...The Amish are amazing in many ways and I always love to read about them or watch a show about their interesting lives.

  2. We have Amish here as well, but they do use tractors. They do not have cars, electricity, phones in their homes, etc though. I thought that was a very interesting article as well! They are very hardworking people in general.

  3. The article talked about a half marathon that lots of Amish enter--the Bird in Hand Half Marathon. I think I may have to give that one a try.