Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Overlapping Training Plans

I have so many fun races coming up!  Each race comes with its own training plan.  With these races spread over the next year, what races do I train for officially?

In the immediate future, I have the Diva Half marathon on Sunday, and then the San Diego Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  I committed to do the San Diego Half long before the Diva, so I have been following the SD training plan.  Coincidently, the SD plan has me do 12 miles the weekend of the Diva, so it fits into the plan very nicely. 

My fall race training is what I am not sure about.  I have Disneyland September 2nd, the Diva Long Island October 7th, my most anticipated race of the season—Nike San Francisco Half on October 14th  with Team in Training, then Hershey Half October 22nd, then finally Disney Wine and Dine Half November 10th.  Official training for Disneyland started on May 1st.  Official training with the Team starts in mid-June for Nike. 

What plan do I follow? 

My plan is to jump right into the Jeff Galloway training plan for the Disneyland half as soon as I get back from San Diego.   Since I will already be trained, after DL, I plan to follow the Team plan until Nike, and then jump into the Jeff Galloway plan for Wine and Dine.

What do you think of my plan?  Have you ever worked overlapping training plans?  How did you mesh the plans together?

A dream is a wish…



  1. I don't overlap plans. What I did with Disneyland, Wine and Dine and then WDW Full last year was this... I did the Galloway plan for DL and had planned to seque that into his plan for the full, picking up where that plan was at that point. However, I found that his plan really didn't work for me - though I do run/walk. His ratios are absurd imho - I do much better with a longer run than he says I should be at for my pace. So after DL I took a week of active recovery while I got "Marathoning for Mortals" back out and put the workouts in my calendar working backwards. I didn't start at week 1 as I was already past that, but I just picked up where I would have been had I started the plan at the beginning. And my training got me through Wine and Dine (ugh, but that's another story) just fine.

  2. I've never done it but wanted to wish you the best of luck sweetie...blessings!