Monday, May 7, 2012

Spirituality of Running

I would not consider myself a religious person, but I would consider myself a spiritual person.  I do not regularly attend church, but I certainly am a believer.  Last week I wrote a post about not listeningto music when I run.  I told you how I like to listen to my surrounds and take in the people around me. 

While I was running yesterday, I thought some more about why I run and how it makes me feel.  When I run, I feel more in tune with my body.  Not only do I feel more in tune with my body, but also with my mind.  When I have an important decision to make or feel overly stressed, I go for a run and can think clearly.  I can sort things out easier.  I can simplify things.  I guess that is what they call a runner’s high.

When I am running and working my body hard, I feel more spiritual.  I feel more spiritual when running than I ever have in church.  I feel closer to God when running.  I have moments of clarity when I am running like I have never experienced before.   I think running clears my head and lets what was always there shine through.   
Have you ever experienced anything like this while running?  Do you feel like your mind opens up? 

A dream is a wish…


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