Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's Hot!

The last TEAM run of the season. 

Yesterday was my last Team in Training team run before we hop on a plane and go to San Diego on Friday morning.  We all meet at the trail, socialized some, and then Coach Barb read us a letter from a parent who had lost her child to leukemia.  The letter was very inspiring and was meant to put us in a certain mind frame.  I can tell you, it worked for me.  After getting a team picture, we were off on an eight mile run. 

A Kaitlyn Klover--in honor of sweet, beautiful Kaitlyn 
I started the run off ok, but boy was it hot!  The heat usually does not bother me, but combined with the humidity—wow!  It really took a lot of out my run.  Coach Barb says it was a good last run because San Diego will be nothing like that.  I remember our first team run in January.  It was freezing!  Now, at the last team run of the season, we had the weather I was wishing for in January.  I have never been so happy during a run as I was when go got to mile four where coach had water and Gatorade waiting for us.  After the fluid stop, it was time to run back up the trail.  Between miles four and six Coach John ran with me.  He evaluated my run and gave me some pointers about building my endurance and relieving shoulder tension.  When the run was over, we celebrated a bit and received lots of well wishes for San Diego.  I have been so happy with the training I have gotten from our Team in Training coaches.  I feel very ready for San Diego.  I know this will be my best half marathon yet!  If you ever want to know anything about joining Team in Training, please contact me! 

As Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, I have been thinking about my summer training schedule.  With so many half marathons coming up for me in the fall, summer will be when I train for my best half times yet.  As part of this, I am really going to focus of losing weight and strength training.  Join me!  I could really use some training buddies to keep me accountable. 

What are you summer fitness plans?  What are the goals you want to meet?

A dream is a wish…


Are you looking for something to do for Memorial Day to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that is active, fun and helps out a great cause?  How about registering for my virtual 5k!  You can run or walk until June 3rd and earn yourself some awesome, two-sided BLING!!! 


  1. We've got three races on the horizon this summer, once a month. Which is more than I ever run in the summer! And we are going to do the Spartan Sprint in July. I see lots of burbees in my future!

  2. I did my 5K this morning...was more walking than running :( I'm definitely looking forward to joining up with TNT...I think I need some help! I can't tell if my lack of ability to run as far as I think I should is mental or physical and what I should do differently. Best of luck in San Diego next weekend!

  3. The team run sounds fun! I am excited to hear how it goes! I am working on training for a 10k by the end of summer- early fall!

  4. I'm doing an 8k and a half relay this summer and then the Wine and Dine in November. I definitely need to have my game face on for solid training and race-day runs!