Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Balancing Act Clothing

While searching for the perfect outfit to wear for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I came across a really cool site offering unique running clothes.  Balancing Act Clothing is a small business owned by Alissa Costello.  She is a graphic designer and a screen printer.  Balancing Act Clothing offers unique running clothes with inspirations sayings, as well as fun running shirts.
 Alissa designed a special shirt for both the Disney Princess Half Marathon and the Disneyland Tinkerbell Half Marathon.  I had originally ordered the fairy shirt because I instantly fell in love with it.  When it came in the mail, I was very pleased.  The shirt was made of a light weight performance material.  The screen printed wings were applied very well, and then sprayed with glitter.  I wore the shirt the weekend to the Moon Light Run I did back in August.  I have washed and bleached the shirt many times since then.  It looks just as good as the day I first wore it.  I was so happy with the job Alissa had done on my shirt, so I “liked” Balancing Act Clothing on Facebook.  A few weeks later, she asked if there were any bloggers who wanted to do a review and giveaway.   Of course, I jumped at the chance.  
I love the shirt Alissa designed for the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  It features a princess dress on the front.  You can choose one of five colors, one color for each princess.  I chose yellow because Belle is my favorite princess.  On the back of the shirt, you can choose one of four phrases.  I chose “Earning my Glass Slipper.”  This shirt is perfect to wear to the race because is it made of a wicking performance material.  I am thinking about wearing my Balancing Act Clothing princess shirt with a yellow SparkleSkirt!  How cute!
Balancing Act Clothing is so proud of all of you training for the Princess Half!   Alissa wants one of you to win one of her great shirts.    That’s right—it’s giveaway time!!!  For this giveaway, I will be using a new application called Rafflecopter.  To enter the giveaway, you must be a follower of this blog. Here are the ways to enter the giveaway:

2)      Follow Balancing Act Clothing on Twitter.

3)      Share this blog page with your Facebook and/or Twitter friends.  (To do this, click to the right where is says “Share this on Facebook” or “Tweet this”.

Each blog follower can enter the giveaway multiply times (like on FB and/or Twitter, share this page on FB and/or Twitter—earning one entry each day you share.  ONLY entries done with Rafflecopter can be counted.  You can enter until midnight Eastern Time on November 10th, 2011. Then I will choose a winner!  Check for a new blog post that evening to see who the winner is!  Balancing Act Clothing will send the winner a shirt.  Good Luck everyone! 

A dream is a wish…


  1. those are fabulous. thanks for sharing.

  2. Way to go Amy! I know you can do it!

  3. I just started training for the Princess Half in October and I am really enjoying your blog. It is giving me reassurance that you don't have to be one of "those runner people" to complete a marathon!!

  4. WTG Amy! Remember just b/c some of us more resemble a "round pumpkin" doesn't make us less of a princess!!

  5. Any idea when Balancing Act site is going to re-open? I love the shirts! I know we aren't a team per Disney sign up, but should we have a Pumpkin to Princess uniform??

    Question - did everyone get the e-mail from Disney with all the offerings this week (dinner the night before, VIP, discount tickets, etc..?) What is worth it - any thoughts?