Friday, November 18, 2011

100 Days and Counting...

Ok Princesses, we have entered the home stretch!  100 days until our sneakers turn into glass slippers, 100 days until we run! 

There is so much to do!  Finalize travel arrangements, find a killer outfit…and train! 

The travel arraignments will be the easy part.  I have the Bay Lake Tower booked already from February 24 to 29 with our DVC points.  We have season passes, so that is covered.  All that is left is to book air and rent a car.
I think I have my outfit planned too.  My plan is a yellow SparkleSkirt! with a princess tech shirt from Balancing Act Clothing.  I still need matching shoes--and a tiara of course. 
The Galloway plan has been going great for me.  For my 30 minute maintenance runs, I have been doing intervals of two minutes running and one minute walking.  For my long runs, I have been doing 60 seconds runs and 90 second walks.  These intervals are working great for me as I do not get winded or tired.  With this plan, I am doing 12 minute miles for my short runs and 14 minute miles for my longer runs. It is starting to get cold very quickly here in Pennsylvania, so I have accelerated my long run schedule a bit.  I am not much for cold! 
What do you have to do in these 100 days to prepare?  What is your plan? 
A dream is a wish…

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  1. Ack only 100 days! Though I suppose 99 by now since this post was put up yesterday. I have so much to do before then. I have my costume but still have to order the skirt... and I haven't been cleared for long runs yet! I will have to post on my own blog about my 100 day countdown panic. :-)

  2. Just sitting on the couch, recovering from Philadelphia. In the next 98 days I'll re-start -sort of- my training to get ready for the Princess. This time I won't be doing Galloway on my own, I'll be running with the MetroDC group.