Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Goals

I have been improving how long I can run without a walk break a little each run.  I can almost do my .8 of a mile neighborhood loop.  If it was not so hilly, I am sure by this point I could do it.  In the 5k I did over the weekend, I ran an entire mile without a walk break. 
For the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I plan to do the Galloway run/walk/run plan.  For my long runs, I also follow this plan.  For my two weekly 30 minute runs, I try to run as long as I can without a break.  I will give it to Jeff Galloway; my time is usually about a minute per mile slower when I run as long as I can before a break. 
I know I am never going to win any races.  I will never be a fast runner.  That is okay with me.  I only race myself.  As the Princess Half gets closer and as I enter more local races, I am amending my goals a bit.  My new goal for my local races is to run a whole 5k.  To run the entire race without a walk break.  My new goal for the Disney Princess Half Marathon is to finish the race with a time of 14 minutes per mile.  This will give me time to take pictures, but still not push myself to hard. 
What are your running goals?  How often do you reflect and amend your goals? 
A dream is a wish…
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  1. These are great goals and ones that I know you will be able to achieve!

    Running an entire 5K was something I will never forget!

  2. After training Galloway-style since July all by myself I started up with the Metro DC Galloway Group this morning. It's so good to have seasoned people to ask questions!

    At a introductory meeting a couple of weeks ago I shared with the Galloway trainer that I'd been trying to build up my running time with the ratios. She suggested for the longer weekend runs that less is better. Amazing. When I went from 3:1 to 1:1, I thought I was cheating, but I got FASTER and felt like I could go further.

    I'm doing the Philadelphia 1/2 next Sunday - fingers crossed that Galloway will get me to the finish line!

  3. I reevaluate goals when i meet the old ones or am having big problems meeting them.