Monday, November 14, 2011

Cross Training

Since we only run three times a week in the Galloway plan, I have been doing some cross training.  From the research I have been doing, there is conflicting information about how helpful cross training is to a runner.  From everything I have read, it looks like cross training its self will not make you become a better runner, but it can help you to lose weight, become stronger and improve your cardiovascular health.  Sign me up!!!
For cross training, I have been taking a spin class twice a week.  In spin class, you ride a stationary bike.  The tension in the peddles can be adjusted from easy impossible.   The rider can peddle at different speeds.  The instructor tells the riders how fast to go and how much tension to us.  It can be a killer workout!
On days that I do not run or spin, I do a Turbo Jam or Turbo Fire video.  These are great dance/kickboxing workouts instructed by Chalene Johnson.  The best part of these workouts, they burn up to 800 calories per hour!
For strength training, I have been doing a workout video series called ChaLEAN Extreme.  The theory of the workout is that by lifting heavy weights with fewer reps, you build muscle faster.  The instructor, Chalene Johnson (love her!), always repeats the phrase “muscle burns fat.”  I am all for that.  The workouts are intense, but not to difficult.  I will do a full review when I get farther into the program.  For more information, on Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam or ChaLEAN Extreme message me. 
Some other cross trainings I am looking into is swimming and Zumba.  Zumba seems like a lot of fun and is a great calorie burn.  Swimming is also a lot of fun and burns a lot of calories, but it can also help to build muscle.  Do you do any cross training? What do you do for cross training?
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  1. I definitely cross train! I think it makes a huge difference for me with running. I'm still working on getting in shape though. I think the strength training has been a huge help too. It makes me feel stronger. Feeling stronger makes me feel like I can accomplish anything... Therefore I have better runs!

  2. Yay!!

    I am considering joining a triathlon club to do some spinning and strength workouts for cross training and maybe to do a tri! I might also pull my Jillian Michaels DVDs back out soon.

  3. As someone who has struggled with her weight for the better part of 12+ years I can attest to the benefits of incorporating a weights class. I did cardio until the cows came home but only until I added running and weight training to my week did I really see a huge difference. I do a Muscle Challenge class and a Group Power class each week and I've seen big improvements. (And I've seen the scale go down lower than I ever thought possible).

    Pilates and Yoga are new additions for me too... I've seen some good results in regards to my running since I started that regularly.

    Swimming I haven't gotten into but I hear it's a GREAT calorie burning work out.