Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dover 10 Miler

Today was the first race of the York Road Runners Club winter series.  It was a ten miler in Dover, starting at North Salem Elementary School.  I drove to the site and went inside to register.  Registration was very quick.  A huge plus to this race—no porta potties!  After a rather uneventful start, we were off. 
I was very surprised at how hilly this course was.  Jeff Galloway says that running hills will strengthen your legs better than anything else, so I welcomed that challenge.  This was my first race on country roads.  I have run plenty on sidewalks and city streets, but never on a country road.  I was very surprised how much of a pitch there was in the road. The pitch really bothered me.  I felt off balance and it caused a cramp in my foot.  To avoid this, I tried as much as possible to run toward the center of the road.   Most of the race was through rolling farm land. We passed cows, horses and chickens.  I could hear the sounds of hunters and gun shots in the distance. The turnaround point was by a bustling campground, complete with picnicker and horseshoe players.
I would like to thank the York Road Runners Club for being very patient with the runners at the back of the path.  I have been to races where the finish line was already taken down when I finished.  The YRRC still had the finish line going and were still cheering as the last few of us crossed the finish line.  Plenty of water, bagels and good old Pennsylvania whoopie pies waited for me at the finish line. My official time was 2:28:11, 14:29 per mile.  This time is very close to my previous 10 milers, the Rail Trail 10 miler in August.  My time in August was 2:26:47, but the rail trail is very flat.  I am happy with my time today because all the hills could have really slowed me down.  I felt like I could have keep going for three more miles and can finish a half marathon—Disney Princess here I come!  I look forward to the rest of the races in the YRRC winter series. 
A dream is a wish…


  1. Congratulations on your finish today, Amy! I look forward to following your journey to Disney's Half Princess Marathon!

    Your "back of the pack" comment caught my attention, as I'm usually in that area during my training and group runs. But that's okay, as I learned from another running group in Montana that the "back-of-the-packer" faced the toughest challenges: they faced self-doubt longer than those in the front, they experienced their negative self-talk longer and endured pain and/or discomfort longer! Hang tough and be proud of your accomplishments! You're 100% faster than you were before you began your quest for fitness and 100% faster than those who are still on the couch!

  2. You're going to love the Princess half marathon. Disney races are awesome. Ran my first marathon in 2010 there. Heading back in January for Goofy #2.
    Good luck with all your training!

  3. Great job with the 10 miler!!
    I have been to races where they had basically packed up by the time I got back and I've done races where all the earlier runners were there cheering me on and I totally agree with you that nothing pumps you up better than having those people cheering you on in your last tiny push!

  4. Great job on the 10 miler! The race course sounds like it is beautiful. I'm jealous of all the farm animals you got to see.

  5. Great job Amy! Your goals are impressive. I'm glad you enjoyed the Dover 10 miler and I hope to see you at the other events in the series. I will look for you. You will really enjoy Disney, as it is a GREAT choice for a first half marathon. Keep on running and don't worry about "back of the pack" because you are light years ahead of those still sitting on the couch of doom!!

  6. Awesome Amy! Your time on a hillier course being very close to the time on the flat course shows your improvement. You'll be great in Disney!