Wednesday, October 24, 2012

runDisney Princess Half Marathon Update

The big reveal has been made!  Here is the new 5th Anniversary 2013 runDisney Princess Half Marathon medal!

Honestly, this medal is not what I expected.  I was expecting something completely different--maybe a glass slipper or a castle.  I was really not expecting an updated version of the old medal.  Considering how different and updated the Mickey Marathon medal is from the old Mickey medal, I was expecting something totally fresh and different for the Princess 5th anniversary.   It's not at all that I don't like the medal because I do.  I like it a lot, its just not that different from the one I earned eight months ago.  I really like that the tiara is an offsetting color than the rest of the medal, and I LOVE the five pink stones.

A new course map was released too.  It does not look that different.  The course is basically the same, but I am hoping we will get to spend a lot of time in the brand new Fantasyland!  All of the pictures of the new Fantasyland look amazing!  I can not wait to see it myself!  To check out the course, click here.

What do you think about he new medal?

A dream is a wish...



  1. i was also expecting something more, but i still like it

  2. I'm not surprised. This is only the 5th anniversary. I expect something bigger for the tenth or twentieth anniversaries of a race but not the fifth. I like it.

  3. I haven't seen the old medals, but this medal looks cool. Not as cool as my 2008 Mickey medal, but cool non the less.

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  5. I was surprised it was the new logo they used last year, too. But I'm super excited bc I LOVED IT! I think it's different enough to make me want to get it if I ran last yr (although I wasn't a fan of the big weird tiara).

    The new course doesn't look like we even go into the New Fantasyland :(

  6. I love it! at first i was a little bummed because it didnt have the date on it, then on FB someone made a comment that it says 2009 on the left side and 2013 on the right, so i guess im ok with that! And since it is my first one, im ok with it being an updated version of the old! i love having a crown!!

  7. I like the tiara on top too. I like the color of the tiara. Very beautiful against the gold.

  8. I missed that the course had been posted, thanks!