Friday, October 19, 2012

Team in Training Inspiration Dinner

Our coaches!
It is a Team In Training tradition to have an inspirational dinner the night before the big event.  This is a time to celebrate and think about the reason we are together.  We think about those we have lost, and we celebrate those we have saved from all of the funds we worked hard to raise.  This is always a emotional event.

My team met together in the hotel lobby and we walked together to the Moscone center, the site of the inspiration dinner.  In true TNT fashion, event participants enter the venue in a "red carpet" welcome.  All of our staff people, coaches, family and fans line the walk way to cheer, scream, howl, blow whistles and bang tambourines in what we call the "heros parade".  This moment always overwhelms me.  I am uncomfortable being called a "hero", although to the people we help, I guess we may be.

The place mats at the tables.
The meal was typical--pasta, meatballs, salad and rolls.  What as special were the speakers.  Again, in true TNT fashion, we got a visit from the "penguin", AKA John Bingham.  John is know as the most famous runner who never won a race.  He told us lots of funny stories about running--most of which we all could relate too.  He told his famous "bite me zone" story that most runners experience some time during their race.  This is a TNT classic.  Our coaches always warn us about the bite me zone.  If you are having a really tough time and want everyone to leave you alone, all you have to say is "bite me zone".  Coaches and Teammates know that this means to leave me alone!

We also had the pleasure to listen to a very special girl name Annalyn.   A few years ago, she was a graduate student and began to not feel well.  She went to the doctor.  In less than 12 hours, she was told she had Leukemia and began chemo.  After some set backs, she is now is remission.  Annalyn told us that she is in remission because of advancement made by the LLS.  She told us that 20 years ago, she would be dead.  She then thanked us for all we have done.  Annalyn and her family formed a huge fundraising team and were going to participate in the event with us.  Hearing Annalyn really touched me. She showed me that I really was making a difference.  That all the fundraising I had worked so hard on really served a purpose.

The president of the LLS in Canada also talked to us.  She told us about some really important research programs the LLS is funding.  There is a drug that is so promising,  a big name drug manufacturer is going to spend a billion dollars to fast track it's FDA approval.  Wow!  A few million raised by US turns into a BILLION dollar drug that could lead to a CURE.  Simply amazing!

A dream is a wish...



  1. Thanks for helping with a great cause! I have a co worker going through it now. It's just a crappy disease.

    And on that happy note ;) Have a great run!!

  2. The inspiration dinner is always a great time. Team in Training is a great organization to be involved with. Good luck on race day!

  3. My TNT teammates are like a second family to me. I am truly blessed to be part of it!