Sunday, July 17, 2011

Are you a Fastinista?

According to the August 2011 Runner’s World Magazine, a fastinista is women who likes to look stylish when she runs.  They are quick to point out the being a fastinista is not about speed, but a state of mind.  There has been a huge shift in the past few years about what female runners wear when they run. 
No more do women runners wear an old cotton tee and baggy sweats to run in.   Women runners can now choose from an endless array of stylish outfits to run in.  The new trend is running skirts.  This has been a hot topic on a few of the Facebook pages I belong to recently.  Many running skirts offer compression shorts underneath so they are just as comfortable as shorts, but so much cuter!   Another trend is knee socks.  Women runners wear brightly colored and patterned knee socks with shorts or running skirts.  Similar is knee socks are arm warmers, again in bright colors and patterns.   Tech material shirts and tanks with cute sayings are hot right now too.  
These new options give women runners the ability to get dresses in the morning and go about their day.  You can take the kids to school, run errands, grocery shop, walk the dog and get your run in all without changing your clothes.  These new clothing options give women runners the ability to look good around town and on their run.
It’s not about looking matchie matchie, it’s about being yourself and getting noticed!  Fastinista like to look hot!  Looking hot makes people notice you, and getting noticed makes you work harder.  Bring on the PRs.
I have attached a really cool video from Runner’s farther discussing clothing trends for women runners.   Check it out! 

Here is a link to the article:

Are you a Fastinista?  What do you wear when you run?  Have you tried any of these running trends?

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I will be doing a giveaway very soon featuring one of the products seen in the above video.  Stay tuned! 


  1. I hope that my subscription starts with august's issue! I got an email saying that my first issue was on the way! Looks like it's a great issue!

  2. I'm getting there. I would say my running wardrobe has more color than my regular wardrobe, and that is definitely something I have done on purpose. Not to say I don't want color in my wardrobe, but as I build my running clothes up I am conscious of buying color.

  3. I'm all about the Running Skirts! :0) That was a great article in Runners World!

  4. Samantha WolfkillJuly 18, 2011 at 9:01 AM

    I love fashion clothes for running!Nothing is better then bright-girly clothes to work out in. Great article Sis <3

  5. I always do capris and some kind of sport top. I really want to try out a running skirt. The running shorts and my thighs don't really see eye to eye.

  6. My gym and running "uniform" is black capris, a brightly colored old navy tank and one of my pairs of Asics.

    I have been looking into running skirts but can't find one that will avoid the "chub rub" LOL. I have heard great things about Sparkle Skirts. Hopeing to do a review and giveaway really soon...

  7. I'm not into the running skirts, but then again I'm not into skirts that much in general. My gym outfit is a pair of blue shorts I got from my college when I was on the team there and a black tank I also got for swimming in school. I also sometimes wear my Princess 1/2 shirt or a tech shirt that says "I thought they said rum?".

  8. I wear Nike Dri Fit (I think that is what the shirt is called) shirts and LOVE them. I am a sweater and these shirts really do keep you "dri." I have pink, purple, yellow and blue. I tend to wear the pink moreso than any other color. I bought mine shirts in Modell. I wear spandex pants that go just past my knee. Got those in Modells and they are dri fit pants as well. I will not wear shorts when I am running because they always bunch up between my legs. I would really like to try a running skirt especially with this hot weather we have been having in the northeast.

  9. I have two skirts from and I love them. There is a cool confidence that comes over me as I know I stand out among others.