Monday, July 25, 2011

What do you eat before and after a run?

As my runs get longer, I have been looking harder at what I eat and drink before and after a run.   I have to eat something before I work out in the morning.  That something is usually a packet of oatmeal.  I cannot eat much more or I feel sick during the run.  If I run in the afternoon, I usually eat a Luna bar before my run.  I cannot eat dinner before a run.  Depending on the time in the evening, I eat dinner after my run or I wait till several hours after dinner and do a late run.  I find fruit and almonds a great post run snack. 
I have been just beginning to try out different during race fuels and electrolytes.  I found this article very helpful.  Finding a perfect balance of before and during run fuel feels like an art form I am just starting to figure out. 

What do you eat and drink before a run?  How about during?  And after? 
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  1. I usually eat a Luna bar before I work out. As my runs get longer I'm going to experiment with GU and see how that goes.