Friday, July 22, 2011

Why running?

Why are you a runner?  Of all the sports and workouts, why do you choose running? 
Running is one of the hardest sports on your body.  Your feet ache, you feel shooting pains in your knees, your head is spinning, your stomach is turning—and this is all after just a long training run.  Race day can be even worse.  Yet here we are, eagerly lining up for the next race.
There are plenty of other sports to choose from.  Team sports offer comradely of teammates.   Football, baseball/softball and volleyball are fun to play, but also great workouts.  If solo sports are more your thing, swimming and biking are great options.    Popular workout classes like Zumba and Turbo Kick are very hot right now. 
Out of all of these sports, some would say (me included) that running is the most intense.  But that is what I love about it!  It’s a pain versus pleasure thing.  You know--runners high.  We put up with all the pain because the payoff is so great.  The feeling of crossing a finish line is so rewarding that we put up with all the pain.  We love the challenge of pushing harder and faster!
I have never been a great runner.  I was a softball player growing up and in college.  I was also a high school cheerleader.  I loved every minute of both.  Nailing a tough stunt felt amazing, but it was a team victory. Now, when I get a PR, it’s all me!  When I hit the gym on a nonrunning day, I usually take a group exercise class.  I am the spin queen and I love Turbo Kick, but there is no feeling of accomplishment when I finish.  When I run, I can win every time.
So why do I run?  I run for me!  As many of you know, I have a special needs daughter that takes up most of my time.  My life revolves around her care and her doctor and therapy appointments.  I love being her mom and would not give it up for anything in the world, but when I run, it’s me time!  For a little while anyway, I can truly run from all my problems. 
A dream is a wish.....


  1. Just found your blog and loving reading about your training. THe Princess Half is on my list of halfs I want to do. Looking forward to reading more about your training!

  2. I run because people said I couldn't...

  3. I run because I can chose to do it with people or completely alone and having that choice is awesome. I am not an extrovert, but I do play one on TV so I love being able to check out entirely when I run.

  4. I started to get healthy and lose weight. Now I run b/c I love to see just what i CAN do.

  5. I started running in hopes of losing weight and it quickly became about pushing myself to the next level and feel accomplished. I love the challenge of seeing if I can run one more minute than I could yesterday or run a little faster than the week before. I feel a deep sense of peace when I run and I feel like nothing can bother me. It is really the only time when I am alone with my thoughts and I am by myself.

  6. I run to be healthier but I also like seeing how much farther I can go each time

  7. Great responses ladies! It seams like we all have our own reasons for running, but one thing in common....we do it because we love it!

  8. My 17 yo son has Asperger Syndrome ... and after a long journey - that included leaving our home in NY so he could attend a school in Houston, TX -- he is doing so well!! And I felt I wanted to do some bucket list things - such as run. So I started running ... at 44 yo. I am running (or crawling) the Houston Half Marathon on my 45th Birthday - then going to Disney for the Princess Half in Feb!! Both are a celebration of love!!
    Michelle - Houston TX