Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Great Run!

I had a great run today! 
I slowed down on my training in April/May because I was in a funk about my daughter health problems.  I got over it and started training again at the end of May.  Since then, my running has not been quite as fast or long as it was before I slowed down my training.  Well, as of tonight—I’m back!  I ran a time that is where I was before!  I did a 5k run on the treadmill at my gym in just under 36 minutes.  While this is not a great time for some of you, it’s a great time for me!  I did walk/run intervals, walking at 3.5 and running at 6.4.  If I can keep this pace up for my 10k in September, I will meet my goal of qualifying for corral C at the Princess Half Marathon in February!
I have a question for you guys.  Every time I run, about twelve minutes in, I get a terrible cramp on my right side.  It is so bad that I have to slow down and walk for several minutes.  Sometimes it goes away, sometimes not.  I asked my doctor of Thursday about it and she thinks it has to do with having to much in my stomach when I run.  That is why I was researching prerunning eating and posted what I did yesterday.   Sometimes I think that is the reason, sometimes I don’t.  For instances tonight, I ran at about 9:30 PM.  I hadn’t eaten since about 6 PM.  Has this happened to anyone else?  What can I do to make the cramp go away, or better yet keep it from ever coming back? 
Ok, on to the Sweaty Band giveaway winner!  The winner is Kim!  Kim, email me your address and I will get it right out to you!  (amysmith7@comcast.net)
I have several more giveaways lined up!  Stay tuned!
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  1. Someone told me that to get rid of side stiches (I get them too) to put both of your arms up to streatch out and to make sure you are breathing well...not sure if that is true or not, but it helps me! maybe the cure is more in my head, I just know that it normally passes pretty quickly when I do that. Of course I do get a few weird looks. If anyone knows of something better, I would love to know too!
    Congrats on your time! That is awesome!!!

  2. Breathe! When you get side stitches like that slow down and take some good deep breaths and that should help them subside. Also, I think to prevent them you should try forcing yourself to start your runs slower. Your first mile should be the slowest with each following mile a little faster than the previous so that on the last mile you have enough in the tank to really finish strong! I think if you make it a point to start out slower, which will help keep your breathing under control, you might begin to see the side stitch thing go away altogether. This is easier said than done though (especially since I'm not a fast runner to begin with!)...I have to remind myself CONSTANTLY on my first mile or two to slow up because when I'm at mile 8 or 9 or whatever I'm going to need the energy reserve!

  3. I've read in running magazines that those stitches come from not hydrating well enough; make sure you are drinking a lot of water especially if you are running in this heat! When you get one, the advice to slow down and breathe is the best.

  4. I have been getting the right side pain lately as well, even just walking in the grocery store! I read putting my hands above my head and stretch from side to side. This seems to help me.