Friday, June 8, 2012

Rock and Roll San Diego Race Expo

With the RnR "Elvi" (plural for Elvis, LOL) 

All runners are required to attend a race expo for most larger races, include the Rock and Roll Series and the runDisney races.  I have been to a few races expos in the past, but they were nothing in scale compared to the Rock and Roll San Diego Expo.  This expo was big!

After lunch Friday, most of my Team in Training Teammates and I went to the race expo together.  We made the short walk from our hotel to the San Diego Convention Center where the expo was being held.  The beginning of the expo was set up like a maze.  Attendants would wind up and down partitioned off area’s accomplishing a few necessary tasks.  First, we had to hand in our race waver and pick up our bib somewhere down a long and slender room lined with numbers and tables.  What table you went to depended on what your bib number was.  The next stop was the T-shirt room.  This area was divided by what shirt you got—men’s or women’s and then by size.  The final stop was the goody bag stop—my personal favorite!

The "finish" line! 
The goody bag for this race was very nice.  We got a black draw string back pack with the Rock and Roll race series logo on it.  It had lots of samples, like Starkissed Tuna, GU, shampoo, lots of coupons and flyers for other races. 

The first area attendants came upon was the Brooks area.  They had a “heaven” theme.  The heaven area had treadmills and shoe specialists helping racers find their perfect pair.  One thing kind of funny in the Brooks area was changing rooms that looked like porta potties for racers to try on Brooks clothes and official race apparel.  After that, we entered the main body of the expo.

Goody bag and booth swag
There were so many booths; I did not know where to start, but I found many favorites.  Of course, my favorite booth was the runDisney booth.  They were offering lots of race specials, but did not have anything that I am not registered for.  My next booth was the Team in Training booth.  They had mock race bibs for runners to make and wear in memory or honor of loved ones who fought cancers. I hit up lots of other booths and got lots of swag—including 5 Hour Energy, Jamba Juice, McDonald's oatmeal, Sports Authority coupons, KT tape, Pepto, GU, Biofreeze, Lara Bars, Clif Bars, Uber bars and lots of other cool stuff.  I picked up a Team in Training purple sparkly Sweaty Band before heading back to the hotel. 

I meet a very nice woman who was running on a team for the Ronald McDonald House.  They have a team for the Philly Rock and Roll Half in September.  The fundraising minimum is $500.  Should I do this event too, along with still fundraising for the LLS?  I still would like to raise $2000+ for the LLS.  The Ronald McDonald House holds a very special place in my heart.  While my daughter was in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and The Milton Hershey Hospital, I spent a great deal of time at the RMH.  With out them, I don't know who I would have survived in Philly.  Having a place to rest and sleep while your child is in the hospital is a god send.  I would love to have the opportunity to give back.  Decisions, decisions…

A dream is a wish...



  1. Awesome! I have a Rock and Roll race on my wish list. I love expos!! You should do a post on fundraising! I'd love some ideas from a seasoned gal like you!! I'm doing it on my own (in Canada)= hard. It would be great for you to fundraise for Ronald McDonald house charity but sometimes hard to do 2 at the same time! Good luck!

    1. A post on fundraising is a great idea! I will have to do one soon.

  2. RMH is such a worthy cause...they do such great things for the families of sick and injured children...a blessing indeed! You are one busy looks like that was a HUGE would have intimidated me at first! Great swag you got girl!

    1. It was very intimidating--and crowded! But also a lot of of fun. You are so right about the RMH! I am thinking I am going to do it.

  3. I am so envious of your purple sparkly TNT Sweaty Band! I want one! Thanks for the post...if Hershey weren't in October, I'd totally want to do the RMH Half with you in September...maybe next year I'll pick a different race to run with TNT and then do the RMH Half...hmmmm....