Monday, December 17, 2012

My First Real Trail Run

My Nike San Francisco top! 
My Team in Training Team has no official runs until mid January, but Coach Mike has gathered a group of what he calls "Turtle Team".  Our group is composed of a bunch of runners who want to keep up our training runs in the winter.  We are welcoming to slow runners (the turtle part, lol) and welcome anyone to come out with us and run.  

This past Sunday we meet at Pinchot State Park to run around of the lake.  Now, I tell you all the time that I run on "the trail".  I run here for team runs, I run/walk/bike here with my kids, sometimes alone.  My "trail" is actually a rail trail.  It is made of crushed gravel--very flat, wide and easy to run on.  Yesterday's trail run was a real trail run--with branches, exposed pointy rocks, leaf covered, very steep hills ect.  As clumsy as I am, it was very challenging!

Central PA Turtle Team
After a rainy week, it was very muddy on the trail.  There was lots of ups and down.  I twisted my ankle three times, but did not fall once--I call that a win!  Even though this course was very challenging, I loved it! Coach said that due to the difficulty of the course, we could consider our mileage double of what we actually ran. We stayed by the lake the whole time.  I can run forever if I have a good view--especially of water.  The lake is eight miles around.  I can't wait to run the whole way around it.  When I do run around the whole thing, I would be sure to have a buddy--its to dangerous to run those trails alone!

Have you ever run on a real trail?  What did you think of it?

A dream is a wish...



  1. When training for the Spartan race in July, I used Pinchot as a trail run. It is definitely a challenge! I'll have to find the path around the lake, that would be a nice place to go. :)

  2. welcome to my new love....trails :) I ahve signed up for 2 trail races (Jan and Feb). I'll run the 10K in Jan and a 20K in Feb. March will bring me another 5 mile trail run and my 40th birthday will send me to Cleveland for a 10K trail run :)
    Have fun!
    Stephanie K :)

  3. We did FNLT Sasquatch Trail Run this year-hard, but fun. A woman in front of us did fall and hurt herself. I can't believe that I didn't fall as I'm not very graceful.

    Can someone not on Team In Training join your turtle runs?