Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Yoga Newbie

I like to try new thing with my workout--new running routes, new classes, new instructors.   It keeps things from getting boring.  Today, I tried out a new class--Yoga!  Yoga is certainly not a new thing.  My gym has offered the class for years, but it was new to me.

I got to the class about five minutes before it was scheduled to start  The room was very dark, but a few ladies welcomed me to the class.  I noticed that everyone brought a mat.  I did not think to bring one, but the instructor let me borrow an extra.  The class was very full and felt packed at first.  Once we got started, it felt fine.

The instructor told the class that she does a more fluid type of Yoga, meaning that you move more and hold the poses for just one breath.  At first, I could not keep up!  Once I figured out the basic poses, I got the hang of it.  I was so surprised at how challenging the class was.  I was expecting some tribal music and lots of being still.  We moved so much more than I expected.  It really increased my heart rate and got me sweating.   Half way through the class, my legs were shaking  It was really tough, but I got through it. After the one hour class, I ran for a half hour on treadmill.  When I got home, I was bet!  Yoga can really take a lot of you!  I think this may be my new Wednesday morning routine.  I really enjoyed.

Do you Yoga?


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  1. I recently started taking a Yogalates class at my work's fitness center. It's a mix of yoga & pilates and I love it. I really want to try out a "real" yoga class soon. It's a relaxing kind of challenge.

  2. I am not much for yoga myself but I know it does a body good! Good for you!